Parapeneus longirostris stock in Adriatic sea

Parapenaeuslongirostris nursery areas Stock assessment abundance indices trawl



The stock of pink shrimp was assumed in the boundaries of the whole GSA18, lacking specific information on stock identification. In the southern Adriatic deep water pink shrimp is distributed mostly between 30 and 600 m depth although it is more abundant between 200 and 400 m depth. The eastern part the south Adriatic is characterized by high occurrence and abundance of the species, given the characteristics of the water masses (warmer and saltier). Pink shrimp is one of the target species of the central and southern Adriatic multi-species trawl catches. Nursery areas, but especially adult aggregations of females are mainly located in the eastern part of the GSA18, along the Albania coast, where a persistent spawning ground is localized. Methodic: DataStandardized LFD abundance indices (N/km2), whole GSA18 (MEDITS data 1996-2012).Length structure of landings and production by fishing segment (for west side from DCF, for the east side within a pilot study in the framework of Adriamed project and from National Statistics. Are used models and software performed using VIT on 2008-2011 data. This year an attempt with XSA has been made, given that the time series covers the mean life span at least one time. Indirect methods: XSA (Extended Survivors Analysis).Estimates of growth parameters achieved using DCF data through the analysis of length frequency distributions and von Bertalanffy model. Production data: for Italy from 2007 to 2012 from DCF; for Albania from 2008 to 2011.For Montenegro from 2008 to 2011. Albanian data have been adjusted to take into account that the export is the 64% of the total production.. Given the results from this analysis, based on the whole information from the area, it is necessary to consider that a reduction of the fishing mortality is necessary. Can be gradually achieved by multi-annual management plan. Simulations will assist the results of different harvest scenarios. Most part (59.9%) of the total production in the GSA is exerted by the Italian fleet, while Montenegrin trawlers account only for about 2.5% of the F exerted on the GSA and Albanian trawlers of about 37.6%.