Reproductive cycle and length at first maturity of Squilla mantis in the Central-Western Mediterranean

Squilla mantis reproduction southern Adriatic central-southern Tyrrhenian western Ionian



Data of commercial landings collected during 2009-2011 in the central-southern Tyrrhenian (GSA 10), South Adriatic (GSA 18) and western Ionian (GSA 19) seas were used to estimate the length at first maturity (Carapace length, mm) for females of Squilla mantis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Crustacea: Stomatopoda): 19.6±0.1 (GSA 10); 21.1±0.13 (GSA 18); 20.3±0.16 (GSA 19), after tuning of the maturity scale. The analysis of the maturity cycle in the studied areas indicated that the reproduction period is wide with a peak in the winter-early spring months.