Opening position as research scientist
Opening position as research scientist

open position research scientist



Fondazione COISPA ETS has an opening temporary position as research scientist.
We seek candidates for a quantitative analysis and modelling position for the development of applications in fishery science and related disciplines. The research position is based at COISPA premises in Bari – Torre a Mare, Italy.
Essential requirement is expertise in quantitative analysis combined with solid statistical skills, fisheries modelling and providing advice on fish species, using biological and statistical models. This encompasses experience with the statistical programming language R, knowledge of fish stock assessment and Management Strategy Evaluation. Preferential requirements are knowledge of the Common Fishery Policy, Data Collection Framework in the fishery sector and familiarity with:

  • stock assessment models and advice process;
  • bio-economic modelling;
  • spatial management of fishery resources and ecosystems;
  • anthropogenic effects (including climate change) on marine species, communities and ecosystems.

The candidate should have a Master’s Degree in one of the following disciplines: Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Physics, Environmental Sciences or related disciplines, a PhD, or alternatively a documented and relevant experience in these subjects, and solid statistical skills will be considered as preferential requirements.
Working in multi-disciplinary teams will be an important part of the position, as well as working collaboratively and interacting routinely with other colleagues and research groups, participating to EU/National projects and coordinating research tasks.
COISPA works on fishery research, monitoring, providing advice on demersal fish species, using biological and statistical models, bioeconomic modelling and integrated ecosystem-based management, fish behaviour and aquaculture. The COISPA’s infrastructures are:

  1. Laboratory of Ichthyology and Marine Ecology (LIME);
  2. Modelling Laboratory (MOL);
  3. Experimental Aquaculture Laboratory (EAL);
  4. Energetic Metabolism and Telemetry Laboratory (EMTEL) (

We seek a creative person, with the ability to effectively work in interdisciplinary teams on cross-cutting issues. Because of the international nature of the work, an ability to read and speak English is required, knowledge of the Italian language would be an additional asset. Preference will be given to those with some demonstrated participation in research projects (international and national) and international Working Groups, as ICES, GFCM and STECF WGs, scientific productivity through peer-review publications.
Applicants must have good collaboration skills, appear positive and results-oriented. We will put great emphasis on personal qualities.
The selected candidate will be involved in a team working on European H2020 projects on ecosystem-based fisheries management and data infrastructure. The position is for one year, and may be renewable as a permanent position. Smart working, in certain circumstances, is a possibility taken into consideration.
The salary will depend on the level of experience.

open position research scientist